Inclement Weather

All Garland residents and businesses should be aware that during inclement weather collection services may be delayed due to the conditions at the C.M. Hinton Jr. Regional Landfill. Please call us at 972-205-3500 to confirm if your routes have been impacted.

During and immediately after rain events, the C.M. Hinton Jr. Regional Landfill restricts access to the working face to vehicles with 4-wheel drive only. Please call the landfill at 972-205-3670 to verify if you can dump.

Spring Season Collection

During the spring season, brush & bulky goods collection services can see delays due to increased demand. All residents should note that these routes will run from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday - Friday and may also run on Saturdays and Mondays as necessary. We will always attempt to get all missed piles within two business days but may have to collect your materials on the following Saturday or Monday.

Weather Related Service Delays

During the winter months, there are times when weather conditions are such that garbage cannot be safely collected. Even when the roads appear safe, there are many secondary roads that are not passable for collection trucks.

We consider the safety of our employees and the general public to be the primary consideration when evaluating whether to provide solid waste collection services during a potentially hazardous weather/storm event. Services may be delayed or canceled.

Street Project Service Delays

Some street or alley projects may cause delays in trash, recycling or brush and bulky collection while others street or alley projects require collection locations to be relocated. Visit the Current Street Projects page to see if you're location is affected.

Holiday Service Delays

For information on Holiday closures and delays please visit the Holiday Closure Information Page.