Affordability Advantages

  1. Cost of Living
  2. Housing Affordability
  3. Tax Burden

The Council for Community and Economic Research has published the Cost of Living Index for urban areas for more than 30 years and survey results have consistently rated the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex as one of the most affordable places to live. As of the fourth quarter in 2015, the cost of basic goods and services in Dallas/Fort Worth is 96.2% of the average cost of goods nationwide.

Cost of Living Survey for Selected Urban Areas (U.S. Average is 100)

Urban AreaOverallGroceryHousingUtilitiesTransportationHealth CareOther Goods & Services
Phoenix, AZ95.998.595.196.799.897.293.9
Austin, TX96.084.290.7101.697.5103.5102.1
Dallas, TX96.2100.976.499.599.0102.0108.3
Houston, TX98.285.6105.697.290.891.4100.8
Atlanta, GA99.9103.797.893.6104.8101.4100.4
Minneapolis, MN108.3108.0112.393.1111.9105.5108.8
Chicago, IL116.3116.7136.2104.2114.399.1105.9
Los Angeles, CA140.4106.3214.1115.7132.4109.3106.0
Seattle, WA140.5124.6184.6107.8120.9120.6128.8
Boston, MA144.5105.0194.5151.8109.8130.4129.1
New York, NY227.8128.1459.4130.6131.0116.3148.6

Source: Center for Community and Economic Research