Current Projects

Project NameProject TypeProject LimitsContact
Bancroft/StillmeadowAlley Reconstruction
Map (PDF)Dustin Karlovich
Bluewood-Redpine-SilktreeStreet Rehabilitation
Map (PDF)Dustin Karlovich
Broadway BoulevardStreet RehabilitationMap (PDF)Dustin Karlovich
Buena VistaStreet Rehabilitation
Map (PDF)Travis Perry
Castlerock (E) Alley Rehabilitation
Map (PDF)Travis Perry
Castlerock/GalaxieAlley Rehabilitation
Map (PDF)Travis Perry
Castlerock/Galaxie II
Alley Rehabilitation
Map (PDF)Travis Perry
ChicosaStreet RehabilitationMap (PDF)Dustin Karlovich
ChinaberryStreet RehabilitationMap (PDF)Dustin Karlovich
David Street Rehabilitation
Map (PDF)
Travis Perry
EmberwoodStreet ReconstructionMap (PDF)Dustin Karlovich
First - Casalita to D AvenueStreet Rehabilitation
Map (PDF)Travis Perry
First - Casalita to SouthwoodStreet RehabilitationMap (PDF)Travis Perry
Forest LaneStreet RehabilitationMap (PDF)Travis Perry
FreeportStreet ReconstructionMap (PDF)Dustin Karlovich
Golden Gate Park SubdivisionStreet RehabilitationMap (PDF)Travis Perry
GoliadStreet Reconstruction
Map (PDF)Dustin Karlovich
HightrailStreet RehabilitationMap (PDF)Dustin Karlovich
Limestone/RedbrookAlley Reconstruction
Map (PDF)Dustin Karlovich
LindaStreet ReconstructionMap (PDF)Alex DeLaCruz
Maple GlenStreet Reconstruction
Map (PDF)Miguel Carrillo
Meadow GreenStreet ReconstructionMap (PDF)Dustin Karlovich
Melissa/PyramidAlley Rehabilitation
Map (PDF)Travis Perry
MulberryStreet Rehabilitation
Map (PDF)Dustin Karlovich
North CourtStreet ReconstructionMap (PDF)Dustin Karlovich
Riviera/RomanAlley Rehabilitation
Map (PDF)Travis Perry
RosehillStreet RehabilitationMap (PDF)Dustin Karlovich
San ClementeStreet Rehabilitation
Map (PDF)Miguel Carrillo
SunriseStreet Rehabilitation
Map (PDF)Dustin Karlovich
SyracuseStreet Reconstruction
Map (PDF)Alex DeLaCruz
Van Ness Street RehabilitationMap (PDF)Travis Perry