The Customer Service Department will soon be introducing a new customer account web portal. City of Garland utility customers who use the web-based tool will be required to create a new user name and password.  The new portal will provide additional utility billing detail, customer account information, options to make a payment and many new features that will enhance the users on-line experience.  


Our mobile application for both Apple and Android users is now up to date and available in their respective stores.  Apple users have an update (version 4.3.0) in the Apple store and  Android users have an update (version 4.3.2) in the Google Play store to address earlier issues.  Android user's please note that updates for Android apps may also require you to remove previous app data and cache information.  This can be done in "Settings>applications>eAssist Garland>storage" and select "Clear apps data and cache".  Thank you for your patience during this time.

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