Alley Bumps

The following is intended to provide a general overview of the major points of this policy. The full policy should be reviewed if a request is to be submitted. Significant additional information is included in the full policy.


  • City responsibility to notify homes in the survey area of a request approval
  • City responsibility to review survey for procedural compliance
  • The City and the homeowners shall share 50/50 in the cost of the alley bumps
  • Homes adjacent to proposed location must support installation at that location
  • Minimum distances required from driveways, streets, other alleys, and other alley bumps
  • Only for residential alleys
  • Only single-family, duplex, triplex or fourplex dwellings to be included
  • Requestor responsibility to collect survey signatures
  • Same survey process required for removal or relocation
  • A specified time period available for collection of signatures and for payment upon approval
  • Support of 80% of all homes in the survey area required
  • Survey area includes only properties adjacent to the requested alley
  • A variance request process to an appeal committee available