Hazard Mitigation

Hazard Mitigation Action Plan reviewHazard Mitigation Action Plan - graphic - 360 x 250

Take this opportunity to review the 2017 Hazard Mitigation Action Plan and provide your input to help improve the 2022 plan. Your input is critical to improve the effectiveness of this plan by helping staff identify all potential hazards and ways to reduce the impacts of those hazards.

The purpose of the Hazard Mitigation Action Plan is to implement actions to help reduce loss of life and property due to the impacts of disasters. Through projects, programs and policies, the City of Garland is constantly developing ways to protect the city from hazards and recover from disasters quickly. 

Please notate comments using the comment form below. Once completed, email the form to OEM@GarlandTX.gov or mail to P.O. Box 469002, Garland, TX 75046. For questions, contact the Office of Emergency Management at OEM@GarlandTX.gov or 972-781-7273.